22 Dec


Over time you learn to tango with your demons. Over time you learn to sip a latte and read books with that inner critic. Over time you learn when to take the Devil within for coffee and when to toss him to the gutters of hell. Over time you grow wise and laugh at the things you used to do before you learned to walk again.

Well, at least that’s the order of life among the ‘normal’ people. Me? well, I repeat the same mistake over and over again just to be sure I got it right the first place. I kick my toe on the coffee table again and again till it bleeds no more, metaphorically of course, i am not a sucker for pain. I poke at my scars over and over till they bleed. Then just when they are drying up, well, i go at them again. Okay, lets say i am a little sucker for pain.

Over time, the Devil’s smirk ceases to bother you. You get along just fine with the disasters and troubles that life shoves your way. You learn to tell karma where to shove it. Well, in less colorful lingo anyhow. You learn to overlook the little pressures of life and concentrate on its pleasures.

You learn to start over. To begin again. You are the master of your destiny. You can shuffle the cards and ignore the ones fate deal you .You decide what’s good for you. You conquer your fears. Learn to walk again. To talk again. To stand for yourself. Because at the end of the day you have yourself to answer to. When you finally hang your reputation to inspect the dents on it…the happiness of society can take a hike up the highroad…that high-horse can go to hell, that pedestal wont put a smile on your face…only the smile on your face and the happiness in your heart is what really matters

Over time, impending disaster becomes a comedy. That knife stuck on your back by a supposed best friend no longer makes you question your faith in humanity..because heck, what faith? People come into your life and leave…there’s no forcing the order of chaos. The hands of time keep moving. The hour glass empties and refills at its leisurely pace. so why, i ask, why bend over backwards for things that don’t build you up. Why get an ulcer for things you can’t change? Why get riled up over something you can shrug off and move on? Uuurm, just a question.Because some circumstances, some people, some encounters…are just connoisseurs of pain and betrayal.

A little twisted. A little sexy. a little walk on the wild side. the taste of something new. A little crazy and out of control….Because at the end of the day, everybody walks with the Devil sometimes

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