Roses and coffee

06 Jan

the story of life
an interesting journey
you meet and need
you find you lose
the first chapter
leads me on
it’s a captivating read
then i shut it close
i don’t want to know the end
what if my favorite character say, dies?
I’ll leave it on the shelf
intriguing read
i pick and begin
some left and were gone
some left and stayed
the main character
captivates me to keep reading
then suddenly i put it back again
i don’t want to know
some memories ought to live on
some desires ought to be fanned
but amnesia differentiates
between the good and the bad
i take the book
there is a bookmark
i open it
it’s a chapter about me
how did he know?
the facts are right
the truths taunting
wait, he lived that part
i slowly close it
it’s the familiar smell of coffee
he hands me the mug
and a rose
it’s been a while
i get lost in the memories…
of a darker time
and my eyes cloud
i shut it close
take out a match
hesitate for a while 
then i light it up
the flames light up
i try to salvage it
but the tongues of fire burn
so i decide to let it go 
before i get burned
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Posted by on January 6, 2015 in Poetry, Writing


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