Stolen tornado

07 Jan


he has has the eyes of a gazelle/

the height of a giraffe/

the calm of a lion/

and the body of a Greek god/

he walks with an arrogance that turns her on/

so sure of where he is headed/

tilting his head a little to laugh/

his perfect teeth caught by the sun/

the tornado behind her eyes/

spinning out of control/

he whispers in her ears/

causing her to bite her lower lip/

say my name lady/

with all the bottled up anticipation/

i see in your perfect body/

say my name real slow /

they attract attention/

oozing sex appeal and confidence/

easy laughter and amusement/

the world is their excitement park/

i want to be inside you/

so deep like a chemical high/

have you subdued by my touch/

he murmurs biting her earlobe/

there is so much promise/

loaded in his look/

so much desire/

carried by his touch/

he is her fetish/

the reason she touches herself/

moaning to his conjured image/

the reason she comes fiercely/

as they part ways with a kiss/

he puts on his ring/

as she gropes for hers in the purse/

back to their families/


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Posted by on January 7, 2015 in Erotica


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