08 Jan

i was looking through my e-mail. this post from way back reminded me of her…

Poetry- The Diary of A Cynical Romantic

I’m insatiable
aching for a piece of you
i consume you yet can’t get enough
you set me ablaze with desire

i want to ravish you
kiss your lips swollen
get your nipples puckered
get your eyes glazed

my touch ignites a gasp from you
my scent has your back arched
my voice has your eyes pleading
begging for more of me

you turn me on in ways i can’t describe
i try to control my lust but fail
my body is wound up with want
my legs turn jelly from your look

you have me enthralled
seduced beyond logic
aroused to the brink of ecstasy

your feather-light touches
are tantalizingly erotic
your scent is like coffee in the morning
your smile drives me over the edge

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