12 Jan


It’s his eyes. The way they light up when he laughs. The way they shine when he is excitedly explaining his work. The way they grow wide when he is listening to something he likes. The way they are keen when you talk to him. He has big, round beautiful eyes that draw you into their endless pool.

Or it could be his smile. He has a wide smile….one of those spin-me-around-kiss-me-forever type of smiles…at times its wicked. Loaded with meaning. Then i look away. Because i don’t want to exploit the possibilities just yet

It’s his passion. Heated. Fiery. Contagious. Rubbing  off on me so easily. Its hard not to be taken in and enthralled by it. When he explains the mundane, every-day life occurrence…it sounds exotic and interesting. Then i am just listening, contributing, staring…thinking…i could listen to him forever and never get bored.

Perhaps its his voice. silky.  I hang onto each word he says.How can I describe his voice?It’s a smooth baritone.  Clear and calm.Enchanting. Intoxicating yet reasonable.  Warm and gracious. Low and deeply rich.

And when he calls my name with that voice…i know an angel roams this earth.

He makes the ordinary, extraordinary.

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