Her Taste

13 Jan


I still remember her. She had the kind of laugh that pulls you into her orbit. And she loved to laugh. Endlessly. You’d rarely find her sad. I guess that’s what drew me to her.
She was small-boned. And short. Light-skinned too. She had a wildness to her that made her so unique. I liked her untamed spirit to no end.
The first time we met…we were in campus, looking for accommodation. We struck up a conversation out of nowhere , exchanged numbers and parted ways.Her bright smile stuck to my mind.
Later on , i learned that we shared a room. Huddled together with a bunch of other strangers. It was delightful to have a familiar face.
She liked watching movies, going out for drinks, listening to loud music, laughing and cooking…in short we enjoyed doing the same things.
She was a year ahead of me. But she never made me feel inferior. She was one of those people you just met and liked.
We’d go out for drinks in the campus local joint with a bunch of her friends. Like i said, she was easy to love so she had a bunch of friends. Warm people. A couple of guys and some girls.
We’d drink and dance late into the night. Especially before classes resumed. The other roommates always gave us weird looks.
One was a church-goer. One of those pretentious , self-righteous stuck-up bitches. She always clutched her Bible to the chest whenever she saw us. As you can guess, there was no love lost between us.
The other was the private kind…she went to bed in her jeans and always seemed self-conscious about her body. She did her laundry in the room. It was both odd and disgusting especially since she only rinsed them once.
The rest…well, they were random people.
We got closer over time. What with the routine. Classes, cooking,movies, bar…
So when it finally happened, it was both surprising yet in hindsight, a part of us had seen it coming.
I will always remember the feel of her lips on mine, the trail of her hands on my body…the surge of heat and desire when her nipples brushed against my skin.

We made love with reckless abandon. She actually did all the work since i was inexperienced.Finally, when my legs were shaking and my breath erratic, she kissed my lips one last time and we slept clung to each other.
Later on, she told me, with a sly smile, that it was her first time too.

I still remember her taste.


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