13 Jan

Do you ever get that feeling?

That feeling of despair…nothingness, hollowness?

When not even your favorite song can’t get your spirits up?

When your emotional clouds are blocking out the sunshine?

When life seems to be exceedingly cruel at you all of a sudden?

I don’t know who gets to decide people’s fates…but whoever it is needs a reminder that i am getting impatient for my slice of heaven. I feel I’ve had my fair share of troubles. I’ve gone through enough pits of hell. Danced with disappointment far too long i am getting familiar with the hollowness of it all.

And I am getting tired of this long wait.Tired of being me. Tired of my memories. Tired of the future. Tired of smiling every time and saying it’s gonna be okay. Tired of having to act strong. Tired of waiting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I can’t say i sit around and wait for things to happen in my life..i go out and make them happen. But really, for once in my life…the urge to give up is almost overcoming my desire to live.

Because what is life..if music sounds like noise,if coffee tastes like mud, if apples taste bland, if a baby’s laughter cannot make you smile?

This must be how it feels to be on the brink. Sad. Hollow. Drowning in despair and desolation.

I am hanging by a thread…on the edge of impending doom

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