Of Coffee and Back-aches

10 Feb



You’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish on a lazy afternoon. Till this point, my soul insists that am not cut out for dreary office work. I could comfortably do the same work seated at home in a pair of slacks and no bra on *tongue in cheek*. With my hair teased into submission by the wind , in a house overlooking the ocean. Am talking about that house i own in my head mind you. Calm your tittays honey-pie.
But the moment i come to the office, my enthusiasm gets stuck at the door. Totally. Seriously. Stubbornly to be precise.
Other days i manage to coerce it to just accompany me for the sake. Other days i am grumpy as fuck.
Well, if i had to come in dressed in jeans and converse, maybe my performance would be better. This dress-code is the ultimate motivation killer for me. That’s why i am pretty sure i’d never last a month working in a bank.
I am typing this just so i don’t doze off. Believe me i have done plenty to keep my mind sharp, bu the moment lunch is done, i literally have to seduce myself into working. Otherwise i’m getting canned faster that tuna.
Considering the fact that i am seated at a very awkward location, where every tom and Dick gets to see my screen, i can’t even afford to look at images of Penelope Cruz in the internet *sigh*. That woman is something else.
So i have to spend the dreary afternoon nursing a celebrity crush and wishing the damn clock could move faster.
But i swear today it seems broken. The minute hand is not moving. Generations could get married and have kids as i wait for the time to chuck this place in vain. A snail could crawl to town and have kids*whatever way they do* and come back, before this bloody minute hand moves.

And by the way i have a backache from the Devil himself. I don’t know whether to chalk it up to the dry-spell, or the office chair or it could be my lack of motivation. Or all of it combined. Man my back hurts. I feel like the devil took me out last night for a quick romp in the hay. Pardon my french.
I started writing this bit two minutes ago, according to my watch. Maybe time decided to plot against me today. Maybe it’s this part of town experiencing some intergalactic crap. Maybe its Maybe-line. Whatever that means. At least my brain can still think up wow words. It feels like a huge mass of poop right now. Just lying there dozing off and betraying me. For fucks sake, be a darling and help a sister stop dozing off goddammit! I didn’t mean to be rude, just get up, okay?

Today no amount of coffee is enough to keep me going. I just switch off one caffeinated cup after the other.
Oh golly, could this be old age? Jeez, i think i just found the trick to being awake. The sheer thought of it being old age….screw that!
Can’t say i’ve accomplished nothing though…i wrote this piece, didn’t i? Stop smirking and be on your way already, smart-ass.
Aaaand, back to office work!!


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2 responses to “Of Coffee and Back-aches

  1. tiffzsmily

    February 11, 2015 at 10:49 am

    If only we could lazy together and watch the sun set, but alas! My desk piled up, my to do list is longer than usual, my eyes are pretending to not close in, the aftermath s what i dread,,get up smart ass, we gotta make some monie

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    • Carole

      February 12, 2015 at 6:04 am

      One of these fine-ass days, we’ll watch that sunset together…sipping some pina coladas at some beach somewhere. For now, let’s push that dream closer home



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