Can’t Describe

16 Feb

I can’t begin to condense the poetry of the feel of your lips on mine into a single line. One word can’t begin to describe, the flutter of my heart when you place your hands my hips. Pulling me ever so invitingly into your body. Feeling the warmth oozing through the thin fabric of our clothes. Letting go of my inhibitions to sink into your embrace.

I can’t begin to summarize, the velvety taste of you. The way your tongue seeks out mine in a tango eliciting sparks deep in my core. The way i am left breathless when our lips meet. The way common sense immediately ducks for cover when your hands roam all over me. The way my legs turn to jelly when your teeth slightly graze the softness of my mouth.

I can’t excuse my manners when your breath warms me up so hot i want to rip off your cloths. When you trail kisses down my neck and i have to hold on to the only sliver of sanity remaining not to tumble down the brink of desire.

No vocabulary can cover the wave of desire i feel for you. The gust of naked want i feel when your eyes catch mine from across the room. The way the multitude fades to the background and only your beating heart and the fire in your eyes is all that i can feel. How the fire inside of me comes aflame when our hands touch and then, just then, i am consumed by a raging need, a stubborn itch, a feeling that can’t really fit the alphabet.

It’s enchanting, the way my eyes light up just at your sight.

This blatant need. This itch that wont go away. This desire that can’t be doused out no matter how deep we go. I can’t describe it.

I don’t understand it.

Yet for some reason. I am glad i don’t know how to describe it.

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