This is for you

04 Mar

friends I thought I was normal, until I met you


I’ll bleed my soul on paper for you. Well…it’s a black and burnt up soul but what the heck…i’ll bleed it out. The ashes i mean. And it’s not paper per se…on the keyboard. Am trying to sound romantic here…can you play along goddammit… see what your hesitation at the thought of my burnt up soul just did? I just lost my train of thought. Are you happy now? Some people!

As i was saying, i’ll grind my soul to ashes for you. Because you deserve it. I’d have loved to bleed out a real soul but you see, life has bent me over a couple times and sucked it dry. It wasn’t as pleasurable as the mental picture of it sounds, trust me. It’s not my fault really. Can you blame a girl for trying.

So honey, this is for you. This blackened soul and my piece i mean. What did you think? That i’d offer you my heart? That one was plucked out by the furies a while back. Dead man walking.

This is for you. For the times i reach out and you are always there. No matter how long i’ve gone silent. You always pick up the phone and hurl an abuse my way as a way of greeting. It’s your most endearing quality. If everyone has a clone, i think you are mine. Because you get me. Whatever that means. Normal people say crap like that, so hear me sound normal.

This is for you. For the drunken nights we’ve spend reminiscing the past and contemplating the future while blatantly ignoring the present. Especially when we finally realize we have nowhere to sleep at the end of the night . I didn’t say we are the brightest pair. We are geniuses though. We always find a way out of the bleakest situations.

This is for you for getting through shit and always bouncing back a bigger bitch than before. This is for you for being the strongest person i’ve had the pleasure of meeting. For always holding on when it’s almost impossible not to cave in. For always reaching out just when the gutter is seducing you. Because heck, we have to share the good and the bad times, right? That’s what friends are for.

This is for you for the fun and absolutely hellish times we’ve gone through. For the fights we’ve had . the silent treatment. And the make up. I didn’t say make up sex…maybe in the future darling.

This is for you. For the cheap food we shared. For the almost expensive ones we’ve shared over time too. And for the days we just laugh off lunch and act like we are dieting when we both know we have no cent in our pockets. This is for you for the laughs.God we laugh like maniacs despite where we are whenever we meet. So heck, this is for you for that.

This is for you for accepting me with my weirdness. No, i didn’t say you are normal. I’ve had to adjust my definition of that word to accept you too. But i love you for that. Normal is boring. You are fabulous just the way you are.

So darling, i’d wax poetic all day but you get the drift. This, my love, is for you.

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