Over You

05 Mar


I said i am over you
Yet for some reason
My heart skips a beat when i see your name
And i get these butterflies

Heart darling
I think you didn’t get the memo
My mind decided otherwise
Can you check your inbox already?

I said am over you
Yet i stupidly stare at my phone
Waiting for a call from you
And i get these shivers

Dear body
You must be confused
The brain decided otherwise
Get your desires in check, will’ya darling?

I said am over you
Yet my knees go weak
Reading your messages
And listening to the songs we shared

Look here body
You got to stop this nonsense
The mind is made up
Can you go with the flow for once you stubborn freak?


Image: Perfect stranger with eyes to die for

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Posted by on March 5, 2015 in Muse, Poetry, Uncategorized, Writing


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