Writing For Hope

05 Mar

“No one expects an angel to set the world on fire”

I’m writing for the broken-hearted
For the love that went unrequited
For the bits of your heart that got broken
For the pieces of you that went missing

I’m writing for the hopeless
For the broken and fading dreams
For the desires and ambitions that you left halfway
For the projects you never started

I’m writing for the childless
For the squeal of a baby that tears your heart apart
Yet for some reason you can’t have your own
For the pain you nurse deep in the night

I’m writing for the street child
You don’t know how you got there
Yet you have to survive
Through the cold nights and the hunger

I’m writing for the raped child
Molested by your own uncle
When you held him in high esteem
I’m writing for your pain

I’m writing for the AIDs victim
At the back of your mind you know
You always walked the straight line
Yet for some reason you got infected

I’m writing for the broken families
For the love that fizzed out
So soon after you got married
Was it real…you wonder

I’m writing for the orphan
Who lost their parents so young
Feeling lost in this wild world
Someone cares…know that

I’m writing for the bus driver
For the hawker
For the fruit vendor
For the prostitute

I’m writing for you and i
I’m writing for what we were
I’m writing for what we can be
I’m writing for the limitless possibilities

I’m writing for love
I’m writing for desire
I’m writing for hate
I’m writing for being human

I’m writing for starting over
For taking life by a storm
For reaching out for your dreams
I’m writing for hope


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