Pandora’s Box

09 Mar


I’m feeling particularly jaded
Blase if you may
Bored to explain it better
Totally out of my element

I’m feeling apathetic
Unmoved by the extraordinary
Numbed by the ordinary
Suffocated by life

Today coffee tastes like mud
Music sounds like noise
Laughter jars my nerves
A bright smile blinds my eyesight

Today a simple hello enrages me
My moods took a trip south
Serving me a cocktail of catastrophic emotions
I simply can’t handle

Today chirpy faces make me stabby
Well-meaning hellos turn my eyes into slits
Don’t give me that look
I don’t get who i am today either

Days like this i want to take a walk
Down memory lane
Unpack the shitload of package i got
Inspect them for wear and tear

Days like this my demons knock incessantly
And my head is unlivable
Because the past floods in
And nothing can shut this Pandora’s box

Days like this i know the devil is smiling
Having brought me to my knees
Watching me stumble and fumble
To put the demons back in

Days like this i want to leave
To take a long walk nowhere
Never looking back
A journey to no-where land

Days like this I’d gladly swap my life with a total stranger

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One response to “Pandora’s Box

  1. Angie K

    March 9, 2015 at 10:37 am

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog earlier. 🙂 I guess you found it through OM. I’ll follow your blog now, and I do hope that you will follow mine back. 🙂

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