10 Mar

eyes 2

I’d gladly take a bullet
For the depth of your eyes
Take a knife to my jugular
Just for staring

Forget it
That doesn’t do justice to them

I’ve searched the world
For eyes like yours
I’ve rummaged books
To catch a glimpse of them

That’s too cliche
Don’t get me started darling

Your eyes deserve a crown
A poem can’t do
They need a whole book
A trilogy if you may

Your eyes make me sigh
Your eyes make me gasp
Your eyes make my legs turn into jelly
Your eyes drive my imagination wild

They are piercing
They are deep
They are mysterious
Yet wild in a magical way

Your eyes are sleepy
Yet ignite fires
Your eyes are innocent
Yet make nuns whimper

Your eyes can stop traffic
They awaken desire in the frigid
They are ravishing
With unknown depths

Well random stranger
Allow me to indulge
In the perfection that you are
And unravel possibilities
That become your eyes

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Posted by on March 10, 2015 in Poetry, Uncategorized, Writing


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