Get off that fucking hijab!

13 Mar


Hold up a second darling. Don’t you think it’s about time to pause and reflect on the clutter? C’mon now, since when have you been a zealous bible-thumping bitch? Since when have you been a Muslim? I have nothing against this ardent religious freaks…I’m just concerned about you.

Last month you were a raging alcoholic. Tried every potent spirit you could lay your hands on. I remember how chapped your soft lips looked. And your hair was a mess too. C’mon honey, don’t take this road again.
Before that you were a football fanatic. Regardless of the fact that you just distinguish the teams by their jersey colors. Hold up, i have nothing against can teach an old dog new tricks, if your record is anything to go by.

But this is where i draw the line. I am fed up with you and your gutter. Can you stop being selfish for a while? We no longer have time for each other. And I’m using the word “we” royally. Since you always crawl back right into my arms once you are done swimming the gutters. I always listen and play the sounding board. Even on days when smashing a bottle on your thick skull looks like a pleasant idea.

Not this time though. I love you to bits honey, i swear i do. But you have to kick that jerk to the curb. You ought to get some time for you. Look, your life won’t stop just because someone isn’t sticking it in you. You actually can get some without having to change your fucking religion. Did you know that? Now you do.
I won’t watch you take the winding spiral back into the gutter for another man. Not this month. Clean up your act honey-pie.

I don’t know how you manage to attract the projects, but you always do. And God bless your soul for always thinking you can manage to make them put you first, an exercise in futility if your history is anything to go by.

Hold up a sec now. get off that fucking hi-jab and wait…do you even know how to read that shit?

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