If you were mine for a day

13 Mar

if only

Wipe those tears
He is not worth it
Put up your smile

I love it when you smile
Because then i come alive
And the world makes sense to me
And the sky seems bluer

I’ll tell you one thing though
If you were mine for a day
I would make it worth your time
Heck, worth my time

I’d trail my hands down your neck
Massage the tension away
Rub some lotion on your back
Loosen up your taut muscles

Then I’d rub your feet
Slow and tender
With attention to each toe
Reveling in your smile

And I’d wash your back
Lingering on your tender parts
Giving attention to detail
Just to feel you shudder

If you were mine for a day
I’d tease your nipples hard
Trail my fingers on your skin
And my tongue on your neck

I’d take your mound in my mouth
Graze my teeth on your lips
Trail my tongue on your sex
Slow..then fast

I’d want your marks on my back
I’d want my name on your lips
I’d want my skin on yours
I’d want your mound on mine

If only you were mine
Just for a day


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