Canvas affair

18 Mar


Paint me right now, darling
As I stand in your studio apartment
Freezing to my bones
As the coffee-pot hums

Put me on your canvas
Right this moment goddammit
Don’t wait for me to become
Another significant moment you’ll recollect

Do it now
Make a portrait of me
With your smoldering cigarette between your lips
And your tousled hair the perfect distraction

What’s stopping you lover-boy?
Or do you live for memories?
For recollections and regrets?
Turned into a bunch of colors?

Or do you live for flash-backs?
To recall the almost perfect moments?
Slipping right through your arms?
And dripping into canvas?

Paint my rage and dismay
My lust and desire
My love and hate
Paint my passion

I refuse to become a memory
You’ll revisit when inspiration fails you
The anger that fuels you on
The muse you ache for

I want you to spread my contours on canvas
Mould me in perfect strokes
Touch me up delicately
Till am but a web of fine details

I want you to tease my image with that brush
Gently into canvas
Or you can use your pent-up rage
To create a swirling masterpiece

Whatever you do…I want you to do it this minute

Photo: Stolen from Pinterest

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Posted by on March 18, 2015 in Muse, Poetry


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