I Don’t

18 Mar

I don’t need passionate promises
Words sealed with kisses
Meals shared with laughter
Or a shared drink after a long day

I don’t need your arms around me
To wake up to your face in the morning
To hear you snore beside me
Or watch your face as the rays kiss it

I don’t need poetry
That describe my beauty and smile
That promise of a future together
An eternity with you

I don’t need phone calls
To remind me that you care
Or late-night chats
When you are far away

I don’t need a massage
When I’ve had a long day
To be held in your arms
And rocked to sleep

I don’t need you to listen
As i yap about my day at work
About my friends
Or about my family

I don’t need your assurance
When i feel like giving up
Or you sending me funny pictures
When I’m having a rough day

I just don’t…

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Posted by on March 18, 2015 in Writing


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