Recycled Muse

18 Mar


i see you now
clad in arrogance
in the tilt of your chin
and the way you hold your head

i can see you
drenched in lasciviousness
winking at anything that moves
making catcalls at the nuns

you keep glancing my way
in case i miss the show
but you and i know
i couldn’t give a fuck less

so you pick out my friend
hoping i’ll be shattered
but darling it’s your call
wherever you decide to stick it

and i remember the promises
made at the heat of passion
to forever stick by me
and i can’t help but laugh

see the thing is
i’ve been hurt before
i finally grew numb
to pain and betrayal

so juggle it darling
the pride and arrogance
you look like a circus clown
but heck, to each his own

the tilt of you chin
no longer appeals to me
and the timbre of your voice
is like nails on my ears

i guess what i’m trying to say is
you can’t inspire me for a poem
since i found a new muse
and i couldn’t recycle you if i wanted to

Photo: stolen from pinterest

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Posted by on March 18, 2015 in Muse, Poetry



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