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Firing Range

there’s this way you laugh. from your belly all the way into your eyes. then the world comes to a grinding halt with the sound of your laugh. and I’m entranced by the sheer magnitude of emotions that assail my senses so senselessly.

and you are seated right there. completely oblivious to the sea of desire bubbling under my skin. and the world is just right. you have the stars trapped in your smile. the sun surely peeks out of your heart. and I’m blinded and like a moth to a fire..instantly drawn to you. how can i even resist. you could charm the moon with a single look. how i ever thought I’d get by unscathed is a miracle of ignorance.

when our eyes meet…i know i want to drown in your look forever. i know i want my hands to unravel the mystery of who you are. my lips to trace the planes of your face…slowly. your aggressive kisses do nothing to salvage my sinking soul. and i clasp onto your neck for salvation.

and when our tongues meet…the interjection of my thighs light up in flames i know wont burn to ashes…and your breath…my purest drug. i know I’m addicted but at this point I’m a junkie aching for the next fix

etch yourself into me some more. passion in moderation hasn’t really been something to peak my interest. don’t you simmer darling. you are meant to boil over. this connection is a crash. and I’m still trying to catch my breath.

but when you trail your arms over my skin…how can i hold back. be careful what you ask for darling…I’m disaster, wrapped in a smile

and love becomes a firing range…with your name on each bullet.seeĀ  I’m undecided…should i dodge…or decide to get hit?

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