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I love women. I am fascinated by everything female. From the way they walk to the way they slump after dragging and gyrating their hips on a  particularly long day. From the way they laugh to the way they cry when they get emotionally overwhelmed. From the way they are warm to the way they turn to ice queens as a defense mechanism against the world.

I love women. I love their forms and shapes. Their curves and gaits. I’m mostly intrigued by the arc in their backs. I find myself drawn to this particular curve. I love to watch a woman walk. To drink in the magic that is in their gait. From those who strut like they were born straight into the catwalk to those who stumble with the grace of a drunk gazelle. You gotta give it to them for trying though. It’s both beautiful and amusing.

I love women. I am taken in by the way they experience everything in a storm. The anger in their eyes when betrayed is almost poetic. The rage of a woman awakened is almost like the force of a hurricane. Explains why hurricanes are named after them. It’s beautiful to watch, just as long as it isn’t directed¬† your way. And when they decide to give you the cold shoulder…well, they do everything in equal force and enthusiasm.

I love women. The way they care for their families. The way they keep the kids in a straight line as the husband is off working or trying to find a cure in the bottom of a bottle. I like the way they put on a brave face for the kids despite the fact that they are going through hell. I love how they shrug off and tuck away their dreams to put their children first.

I love women. I love them for their strengths and weaknesses. I love them for their beauty and selflessness. I love them for all the right and wrong reasons.

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