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With time you just lose yourself. You totally forget who you are and get lost into an idea of what the world wishes you to be. You forget what made you tick. You get lost in impressing your boss at work. You get lost in putting your better half first. You get lost in being a good friend. You get lost in beating deadlines.

You forget to listen to the small voice that tells you to stop. You forget to reflect on yourself. Every day giving away pieces of yourself. Unraveling at the seams. You are like a ball of yarn tugging this way and that way. And life moves on regardless.

The feeling that you lack something meaningful nags away at you but you keep ignoring it. It’s just how life as a grown up is, you tell yourself. But with each accomplishment you make, the feeling of emptiness increases. You have neglected yourself till you can’t tell apart your favorites’ from those of the people you hang out with. You find it hard to ignore the lies you’ve been telling yourself.

The rythmn just feels off. There’s something amiss.

Hold on, wait, the world won’t stop spinning on it’s axis if you take some time off to feel the sun on your face. You won’t stop functioning if you go to your favorite cafe and order a cup of coffee with a novel like the old times.

Relax. Unwind. Pull out your tattered poetry book and go through it for old times’ sake. Walk through the corridors of your memories tongue-in-cheek. Write something. Get it off your chest. Dance to the music in your head. Take a long walk. Whatever it is. But for the love of God don’t forget who you are.


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