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Desire, Sex and Cigarettes


I can remember the exact moment when I fell in love with you. The moment I read your work and connected with you on another level. I had not met you then. And I sat there staring at the screen and thinking how foolish i was to be feeling this way when we were virtually strangers.

When i look back at it, I was always in love with your style of writing more than i was in love with you. And i looked forward to putting a face to the words that had stolen my soul. And i still haunt your site to find  new posts. And listen to the music we shared to find you between the lines.

And you beckon me with your toothy smile. And we are taking random pictures. Dressing up to go out. What’s some harmless flirting going to do after all, right? Except it is not harmless. And it turns out we crossed the line between flirting and wanting each other.

And we are holding each other. Laughing at each other’s jokes. There’s this funny TV series we watch together. And there are endless possibilities running through my mind.

I remember when I first noticed that you liked me back. We were in a bar seated across each other and you were smiling at me and our gazes couldn’t break. And the crowd faded as we danced suggestively.

And we stumble over each other. Am reaching for your lips and your breath is fast. Your eyes are glazed and my senses are peaked from the sweet scent of you. I don’t remember how we end in your room.  Your nipples are pushing against the fabric of your tee and I suck your left breast as you moan and push towards my mouth.

There is a certain choreography to our movements. It feels natural that I am here with you. This moment feels like it was waiting to happen. Your part my lips with your tongue, tasting of cigarettes and mint, and I’m breathless.  We make love then, with no strings attached. And it felt as good as i knew it would.

You are dancing with me and my eyes are closed. You pull a little closer and a part of my soul tugs with happiness. Your eyes have this mischevious look and i am smiling now. We burst out laughing because that seems to be the only way we communicate lately.

I like the way your breasts look in your tee and the way your eyes twinkle when you smile. Stay with me. I don’t want you to leave. I like you best when you are laughing without a care in the world. Put off the candle. I want to feel you with my senses ,just without my sight. Until you fall asleep. My nipples graze against yours and my whole body is throbbing naked desire and wanton want.

Your husky voice drives me over the edge. Over and over.





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I can feel your eyes

Drilling a hole at the back of my head

My skin is flush

From the desire you awaken


I can feel your eyes

Caressing my curves

Turning me upside down

Spilling my emotions on the sidewalk


I can feel your breathe

Raising the hairs on my body

Making my blood rush all over

Getting my knees weak


I can sense your intentions

Wrapping themselves on my breasts

And my nipples are hardened

With a raw yearning and naked want


My imagination is a mess

At the hint of your scent

Driving me over the edge

As fantasy collides with reality





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Beautiful disaster

beautiful disaster

I’d like to write you a poem
To describe your lips and eyes
To describe how you make me feel
To describe your scent

But words evade me
And the rhythm is off
As my beating heart flutters
Beneath the touch of your finger

The sky seems bluer today
It must be the sound of your voice
Twisting me into a ball of desire
As your words caress me whole

And i have a feeling we are gonna win
Despite the scruples and fights
And your eyes are a deep pool
That have me swimming endlessly

I’ll take you down the road
The winding paths of passion
Maybe we can find love or lust
Though i might settle for a taste of you

And when you look at me like that
I find it hard to breath
And my legs turn to jelly
As the rhythm of your heartbeat
Melts me into mush

And your arms are inviting
Despite your sullen face
And my lips want to graze yours
In a heated debate of blatant desire

And your touch sets me on fire
Your musky scent a perfect distraction
It’s an emotional roller-coaster
And the sky is so damn blue

Your name on my lips
Is the only aphrodisiac
And i hope you are listening
As i sing out my soul you

My mind is on a trip
And my fingers wanna rake deep contours down your back
And leave a trail of myself
A tattoo of beautiful disaster

I hope you don’t mind
I can’t write you a poem
but i’ll take you down the winding paths
twisting in a reckless abandon of desire
the beat of our hearts a muddled frenzy


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Tastes Like Heaven


We are lying there in post-coital fervor. She is teasing my neck with soft kisses. She knows it drives me crazy when she does that. And i am running my hands on her back…slowly, sensually. She is moaning softly. We do this over and over and it always ends the same way it began. She is a fucking good kisser. And the best fuck too.

She later gets up to light a ciggie. Naked. She has hips to make one weep. She has legs that go on and on you just want to run your tongue up to their junction. She has curves to make an atheist believe in a higher power. Damn she is perfect!

As usual I am dumbstruck by her bum. I love the feel of her butt against my back. I love the feel of it on my hands. I love the sway of it as she walks over to the balcony for a puff. She has one of those butts…the very shapely ones. Not too big and not small either.

“We need to stop doing this”, she starts and immediately i tune out. No, i am not being rude or something of the sort. She does this every time we make love.

She has a boyfriend you see…and the guy has no idea she loves girls. It’s her problem, so excuse me as i focus on more important things, like the way her nipples are hardened by the cold or is it her desire for me?
So she drones on and on…some crap about how she needs to focus on her relationship and other such bull. My mind already took a hike.

I am remembering my lips on hers…the feel of her breasts on my hands…the way she quivers in ecstasy every time i trail my tongue down her belly…how she sighs with pleasure when i trail my tongue over her womanhood…

She stubs out her cigarette and comes over. “ I know you haven’t been listening to me”, she says with a smile. She takes my mouth in hers and kisses me fiercely.

She tastes of cigars, and apples. She runs her tongue over my lips gently, coaxing my lips apart. I open my mouth to her tongue and am invaded by desire so strong i grab her ass tight as i mercifully drown in her.

When she is done making me fall into pieces…i take my time pleasuring her. She is one of those screamer types. The neighbors keep giving us weird looks. I think by now they have figured out what goes on. If not, then they are dumber than i thought.
I kiss her neck, turn her over and trail my fingers all over…she trembles and sighs when my tongue trails over her waist.

She turns over fast and pulls me closer. Patience has never been a virtue for her. She wants it then and there. The breeze coming in through the balcony and the curtains swaying, coupled with her moans make the moment magical
She has her legs wound tight around me, throbbing so fast with an intensity that makes me give in. I bite her slightly and tease her bud with my tongue.My mouth is on her sex.

Her taste is intoxicating. She archs her back  tight pulling my head down. I should have tied her arms….I love to torture her this way. Her eyes are begging. I don’t want her to come just yet. She is making an undulating motion in rhythm with my tongue. She is moaning softly.

I tease her faster, hold back just when she wants to tip over…She is now begging. I bite her hard and she screams my name as she comes over and over. Her eyes are glazed and she is clutching me so tight i have bruises all over.

She is trembling ,trying to smile at the same time as she clings to me, her legs in a tight grip over my back.

She tastes like heaven.


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