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I don’t know where you go when you disappear

I don’t know what to do to bring you back

When you shut the world away

And bang the door on my face


You’re an emotional roller-coaster

The ups and downs all too familiar

I don’t know if I have the strength

Or the courage to take this ride


You are an open book

Written in braille

And I’m sorry I was never good

At deciphering ciphers


I try my best to be close

But when that ice-cube in your heart

Turns you cold

I realize I’m not ready to freeze


Your walls have been hard to climb

But somehow I got to the top

And just when I thought i was over the ledge

I found yet another layer


Why don’t you let me know

If this ride is worth my time?

If I should study braille

Or just shut this book and walk away?


Why don’t you let me know

If the ice in your veins

Will thaw into love

Hypothermia is real,luv

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Desire, Sex and Cigarettes


I can remember the exact moment when I fell in love with you. The moment I read your work and connected with you on another level. I had not met you then. And I sat there staring at the screen and thinking how foolish i was to be feeling this way when we were virtually strangers.

When i look back at it, I was always in love with your style of writing more than i was in love with you. And i looked forward to putting a face to the words that had stolen my soul. And i still haunt your site to find  new posts. And listen to the music we shared to find you between the lines.

And you beckon me with your toothy smile. And we are taking random pictures. Dressing up to go out. What’s some harmless flirting going to do after all, right? Except it is not harmless. And it turns out we crossed the line between flirting and wanting each other.

And we are holding each other. Laughing at each other’s jokes. There’s this funny TV series we watch together. And there are endless possibilities running through my mind.

I remember when I first noticed that you liked me back. We were in a bar seated across each other and you were smiling at me and our gazes couldn’t break. And the crowd faded as we danced suggestively.

And we stumble over each other. Am reaching for your lips and your breath is fast. Your eyes are glazed and my senses are peaked from the sweet scent of you. I don’t remember how we end in your room.  Your nipples are pushing against the fabric of your tee and I suck your left breast as you moan and push towards my mouth.

There is a certain choreography to our movements. It feels natural that I am here with you. This moment feels like it was waiting to happen. Your part my lips with your tongue, tasting of cigarettes and mint, and I’m breathless.  We make love then, with no strings attached. And it felt as good as i knew it would.

You are dancing with me and my eyes are closed. You pull a little closer and a part of my soul tugs with happiness. Your eyes have this mischevious look and i am smiling now. We burst out laughing because that seems to be the only way we communicate lately.

I like the way your breasts look in your tee and the way your eyes twinkle when you smile. Stay with me. I don’t want you to leave. I like you best when you are laughing without a care in the world. Put off the candle. I want to feel you with my senses ,just without my sight. Until you fall asleep. My nipples graze against yours and my whole body is throbbing naked desire and wanton want.

Your husky voice drives me over the edge. Over and over.





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I can feel your eyes

Drilling a hole at the back of my head

My skin is flush

From the desire you awaken


I can feel your eyes

Caressing my curves

Turning me upside down

Spilling my emotions on the sidewalk


I can feel your breathe

Raising the hairs on my body

Making my blood rush all over

Getting my knees weak


I can sense your intentions

Wrapping themselves on my breasts

And my nipples are hardened

With a raw yearning and naked want


My imagination is a mess

At the hint of your scent

Driving me over the edge

As fantasy collides with reality





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You are pulling me in

Kissing my lips in a trance

I don’t know where I end and where you begin

We are entwined in each other


I feel like I can shift the tides

I’m in deep

I’m done for and you are my drug

Am riding a dangerous and reckless high


We could be together

If you wanted to

Does this feeling flow both ways?

Are you messing with my head again?


Then you flick my nipple

And my thought process is interrupted

My breath is catching in my throat

And my legs just forgot to hold my weight


Does the moon always shine this bright?

Are you practicing your magic tricks on my emotions again?

Snap out of it for the sake of my conscience

The twisted and deranged are not on my menu today


You were in my dreams again last night

Sucking the life out of me like a succubus

Suspending me in a twist of euphoria

Lost in the depths of your eyes

And your spell-binding curves


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Recycled Muse


i see you now
clad in arrogance
in the tilt of your chin
and the way you hold your head

i can see you
drenched in lasciviousness
winking at anything that moves
making catcalls at the nuns

you keep glancing my way
in case i miss the show
but you and i know
i couldn’t give a fuck less

so you pick out my friend
hoping i’ll be shattered
but darling it’s your call
wherever you decide to stick it

and i remember the promises
made at the heat of passion
to forever stick by me
and i can’t help but laugh

see the thing is
i’ve been hurt before
i finally grew numb
to pain and betrayal

so juggle it darling
the pride and arrogance
you look like a circus clown
but heck, to each his own

the tilt of you chin
no longer appeals to me
and the timbre of your voice
is like nails on my ears

i guess what i’m trying to say is
you can’t inspire me for a poem
since i found a new muse
and i couldn’t recycle you if i wanted to

Photo: stolen from pinterest

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Canvas affair


Paint me right now, darling
As I stand in your studio apartment
Freezing to my bones
As the coffee-pot hums

Put me on your canvas
Right this moment goddammit
Don’t wait for me to become
Another significant moment you’ll recollect

Do it now
Make a portrait of me
With your smoldering cigarette between your lips
And your tousled hair the perfect distraction

What’s stopping you lover-boy?
Or do you live for memories?
For recollections and regrets?
Turned into a bunch of colors?

Or do you live for flash-backs?
To recall the almost perfect moments?
Slipping right through your arms?
And dripping into canvas?

Paint my rage and dismay
My lust and desire
My love and hate
Paint my passion

I refuse to become a memory
You’ll revisit when inspiration fails you
The anger that fuels you on
The muse you ache for

I want you to spread my contours on canvas
Mould me in perfect strokes
Touch me up delicately
Till am but a web of fine details

I want you to tease my image with that brush
Gently into canvas
Or you can use your pent-up rage
To create a swirling masterpiece

Whatever you do…I want you to do it this minute

Photo: Stolen from Pinterest

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If you were mine for a day

if only

Wipe those tears
He is not worth it
Put up your smile

I love it when you smile
Because then i come alive
And the world makes sense to me
And the sky seems bluer

I’ll tell you one thing though
If you were mine for a day
I would make it worth your time
Heck, worth my time

I’d trail my hands down your neck
Massage the tension away
Rub some lotion on your back
Loosen up your taut muscles

Then I’d rub your feet
Slow and tender
With attention to each toe
Reveling in your smile

And I’d wash your back
Lingering on your tender parts
Giving attention to detail
Just to feel you shudder

If you were mine for a day
I’d tease your nipples hard
Trail my fingers on your skin
And my tongue on your neck

I’d take your mound in my mouth
Graze my teeth on your lips
Trail my tongue on your sex
Slow..then fast

I’d want your marks on my back
I’d want my name on your lips
I’d want my skin on yours
I’d want your mound on mine

If only you were mine
Just for a day


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